We think it is important that you know exactly what you can expect from us. That's why we created and hold ourselves accountable to our Customer Bill of Rights. 

To Be Safe

  • To be protected against products made with genetically modified organisms. Always. Without exception.
  • To snack knowing that safety and quality were the top priorities in hand-crafting each item.

To Be Informed

  • To be given unrestricted access to complete information needed to make an informed decision of what is in the snacks, how we made them, and when to expect them.
  • To understand the steps we take to meet quality and performance levels we claim for each snack.

To Be Free to Choose

  • To be protected against fraudulent, deceitful, or misleading information, advertising, labeling, or other practices that are uncool.
  • To be able to cancel Month to Month memberships at any time. If we aren’t living up to our promise…set us free.
  • To feel secure in Term memberships that our products are and will be of Excellent Quality throughout your membership term under our No Worries Promise.

To Be Well Served

  • To expect Privacy, Responsiveness, Security, and Excitement and to always be treated with Courtesy, Dignity, and Respect.
  • To know that while bags may settle during shipment, we maximize what we put in each bag.
  • To ensure that we source sustainable materials where possible.

To Be Heard

  • We love social media and you have the right to share with us. We will ask for, listen, and respond to your ideas and suggestions for products, themes, or anything else you’d like to tell us.
  • We will respond to all interactions and will never delete or hide your comments unless they are spam or inappropriate.
  • We WANT to Hear From You...use the links below